Your Dreams Unleashed

Blending the creativity of vision boards with the mindfulness of somatic ​meditations. This course is designed to help you cast a compelling ​vision, cultivate gratitude, journal your year, and ground yourself with a ​powerful meditation practice.

Jamie Hinckley

Somatic Coach

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Somatic Coaching

As a Certified Somatic Coach, I help my clients explore and ​improve their well-being by focusing on the connection between ​the mind and body. I assist clients in becoming more aware of ​sensations, emotions, and patterns, and we work together to ​develop strategies for personal growth, healing, and achieving ​their goals. Somatic coaching involves movement, breathwork, ​and mindfulness practices to enhance self-awareness and create ​positive change.


Jamie is a certified trauma-informed, Pause Breathwork Certified ​somatic coach whose life has been profoundly impacted by ​suicide, as she lost her boyfriend to suicide in September of 2021. ​This experience drove Jamie to unravel why someone with big ​dreams, a loving family, and caring friends would choose to end ​their life.

Jamie believes that understanding the backstory behind ​someone's suicidal thoughts can shed light on their situation. ​Jamie unexpectedly became the guardian of her partner's ​reputation at a time when mental health was less openly ​discussed, living in a home where she found herself walking on ​eggshells. Jamie believes that those contemplating suicide aren't ​outcasts but are symptomatic of a culture that inflicts trauma ​without fully comprehending the scars it leaves. When someone ​confides their desire to end their life, they're seeking a witness ​to their pain. They were never meant to face life's challenges ​alone however, they have to want to change and commit to ​working on themselves.

Jamie's mission is to help communities recognize that nobody ​abruptly becomes suicidal, just as no one suddenly develops ​depression or anxiety. Many who experience suicidal thoughts ​once had dreams and a love for life. In June of 2023, she gave up ​her corporate job of 25 years to become a full-time Somatic ​Coach, now introducing it into the corporate wellness space.